Applause for thought

Create a brand identity for Applause for Thought that represents their values and ambitions to increase awareness and provide support
on mental health education within the performing arts industry.


Education = prevention

Applause For Thought is an upcoming metal health organisation for the performing arts. The organisation looks to aims to draw attention to the mental health issues prevalent in the industry
and take action to support and offer advice to those suffering.

The organisations slogan education = prevention offers a message to the industry that action is required in order to to enforce better education on the matter and build a better support network to performers.

I took on to re-brand the organisation in hoping to achieve a visual identity for them which would more successfully resinate with their audience, offer then a unique image against other brands and allow then to be identifiable as a performance specific organisation.

png 2.png


I saw an opportunity to improve their branding with an aim to create an identity which would speak truly of their values as an organisation, and reach out to performers, showing it to be a performer specific organisation.

I decided the brand needed to be warmer and more welcoming, indicative of the specific industry and not follow the existing mental health organisations branding in order to stand out, showing its key feature of a unique organisation within its industry.

The final design of the logo for Applause for Thought was hand painted and scanned in to produce a raw, contemporary design. The loose, hand drawn feel was used to suggest the movement of dance and offer a soft, personal touch to the brand and its audience. I was careful in choice of colour and worked with a number of palettes, ensuring the scheme sat with the correct tone of voice for the type of organisation, its audience and stood out as unique from other mental health brands.