Reimagining dance through expression, for health, well-being and passion.

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Over a 15 week period, as third years we were given the opportunity to explore any chosen theme and expand with no limitations for our Final Major Project. I chose to explore the theme of mental health within the Performing Arts.

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Within the performing arts industry, 1/5 suffer from their mental health. The industry is a fast pace, competitive place with high pressures which is naturally part of its culture. Performers are required to stay strong both physically and mentally but also deal with the high pressures which all so often find themselves in comparison to others for a range of reasons, all the way from their body image to jobs.

How can the performer be encouraged to stop comparing themselves and focus instead on the benefits introduced by the art such as expression and freedom of movement?


move free

Through this concept, I developed my some working process on animating dance sequences to highlight expression, into a campaign; Move Free. The campaign aims to encourage performers to dance and move for expression, the love of the art and most importantly themselves. The visuals aim to represent this concept by removing the central figure of dance which is so often deemed as the ‘ideal’ in order to stop the feeling of comparison and allow performers to love their industry for the underlying meaning rather than focussing on being perfect.