Party Like it’s your period!

The greatest excuse for a monthly celebration

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The challenge

Change the way the world thinks about menstruation issues and undo the social stigmas surrounding them. (McKinsey Design & The Case For Her brief set for the D&AD awards 2019).

Menstruation is natural bodily function vital to female health which is affective on 800 million of the world’s population. Despite the normality and vitalness of menstruation, society is inundated by stigmas and taboos around the topic, leaving girls and women to feel ashamed by their periods and forced to secrecy around the topic. A focus needs to be placed on changing this mind-set and creating a more honest an celebratory approach menstruation, in order to empower women and girls and remove the feeling of shame surrounding periods.


The campaign

Party like it’s your period is a campaign encouraging girls and women to take pride in their periods and embrace their femininity. The campaign aims to remove the stigma of shame and promote a celebratory message for a new outlook of menstruation across all of society. Through an exciting ad campaign and gift box style product range including ‘5 reasons to celebrate your period’, the campaign draws attention to the value and importance of menstruation, empowering women to celebrate their periods encourage others alike.

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