First Class Honours in Graphic Design at The Arts University Bournemouth
Graduated June 2019

Bestival Sustainability, 2018
Bright Blue Day, 2 week internship, July 2018

Creative Conscience Bronze Award, Digital and Tech for ‘Meetup21’, 2018


I’m Katie, Dancer and Graphic Designer.

Although dance may seem irrelevant to Graphic design, it has contributed to my design skills in more ways than one might imagine. Understanding the importance of commitment, collaboration hard work and team work has enabled me to grow as a person and be an effective communicator. I am able to offer a wide set of skills across a range of areas within design, working in each with a committed and passionate mind set to achieve the best from whatever I do.

Putting yourself out there and diving into opportunities is something which makes me thrive. I love collaborating and learning from others as it enables me to broaden my thinking and gain new perspectives. Throughout my three years at The Arts University Bournemouth I have worked alongside class peers in projects and also had the opportunity to work with Bestival in 2016 in a cross-course teams, completing a live brief on sustainability. I love the opportunity this way of working allows you to not only bring your own strengths to the table but also learn and broaden you skills from others.

In the summer of 2018, I was fortunate enough to win a Creative Conscience Award in the Digital and Tech category for my project ‘MeetUp21’. The project, inspired by my user and user group of young adults with Down’s Syndrome, opened me up to a new way of working which I thoroughly enjoyed. Understanding the importance of working closely with a user made me see the potential there is for projects to really make a difference to an individuals life.

I am passionate to continue expanding my knowledge, design skills and industry experience after graduating, as an enthusiastic, open-minded and dedicated designer that’s excited to work and explore further into the industry of design, creativity and artistic talent.